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Showtour International currently represents a cross section of musical acts, dance troupes, cirus acts, recording acts and musicians. All with a wealth of experience performing all over the world. We are able to create any live event all under one under one roof.

Acts currently avavilable:2018 season

  Theatre Productions    Live Bands and Singers     Novelty Acts


     I'm a Soulman      Sarah Smith & Band        Jamie Holmes- circus

Memphis to Motown      Doug Varty Band      Victor J Hansen-comedy

    Woodstock         Jordan John Experience      Bente Weller- circus

   The Summer of Love       Prakash John       The Wowzers- Dance

   Stars in Concert       The Soul brothers        Mardi Gras Mombo

Showtour International is a live event entertainment company based in London Ontario Canada and Berlin Germany. Formed in 2008 by performer/producer Geoffrey Dahl to offer diverse live entertainment featuring live musical theatre productions, rock and blues bands, dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, circus and fine arts performers all made available to create a magical live spectacle. Whether it be for festivals, concerts, fundraisers, theatre or corporate events, Showtour International can provide the best in live and visual entertainment.

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